Hotel Todo Azul - Playa El Cuco


Hotel Todo Azul

Our flagship property featuring surf, sun and soul. Wake to the sounds of the South Pacific crashing by your door and enjoy the natural beauty of El Salvador. Enjoy a new culture, friendly locals and allow our staff to cater to your every need.

Toro de Oro Beach


Toro de Oro

This single family home is perfectly located between Playa Las Flores and Punta Mango. It’s beautiful beach is perfect for surf, looking for seashells or playing in the sand. It’s ideal for large groups or those wanting a more independent experience.

Backpacker Hostel - Casa de Canela


Casa de Canela

Situated in the center of Playa El Cuco with easy access to the beach and public transportation, this is our budget option. It provides budget travelers and backpackers with a comfortable environment to explore our little town.

Hotel Alma Azul - Playa Las Flores


Alma Azul

Opening at the end of 2016, this healing center focuses on providing a space to get back to nature, unwind, and remember life’s purpose. Our treetop oasis will offer yoga classes, meditation spaces, super foods and alternative art therapies.

Certificate of Excellence - Trip Advisor


At Azul Surf Club, customer experience and satisfaction is top priority. We are grateful and honored that clients enjoyed their time, provided positive feedback, and made it possible for Azul Surf Club to receive the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

A Surfing Paradise

Surf El Salvador

El Salvador is a small country with just over 300 kilometers of coastline, but when it comes to surfable waves per square km, it’s at the top of the pyramid. Until recently, El Salvador was perceived as the land of right-hand point breaks, but surfers have discovered the country’s beach breaks are just as inviting. Salvadoran beach breaks never go flat; hosting sizable waves 12 months a year.

Playa Las Flores

Very consistent right point break with a forgiving sand bottom that produces rippable waves and a hollow takeoff at low tide (softer at high tide) and very long rides up to 300 meters. The wave has many personalities depending on the swell size and tide.

Punta Mango

Powerful cobblestone right point break with machine-like 200 meter rides when firing. It is has a hollow take off with a serious standup barrel and a hollow inside section.

Toro de Oro

The Golden Bull is a secluded beach break where surfers catch great waves far removed from any crowd. This surf spot is shielded from the wind by points on both sides, and among our favorites due to its consistent swells that work best at medium to high tide.

Sun, Surf & Soul