Surf Breaks

Las Flores
Very consistent right point break. It is a sand point 7 minutes from the hotel that breaks mechanically with a hollow takeoff at low tide (softer at high tide) and very long rides up to 300m.

The wave has many personalities depending on the swell size and tide. On swells of 6-8ft (faces) or bigger and lower tides it is a serious wave for experienced surfers (it has been compared to Jeffrey’s Bay and Bells), and the takeoff is critical as well as competitive, with surfers lining up and dropping in behind the rocks, and a fall here has consequences.

On small to moderate swells (3-5 ft faces), or fuller tides, Las Flores is a classic sand point break, super fun on a shortboard, fish, or longboard, with long open faces and wackable wall sections comparable to a good day at Rincon or Noosa. The break can shut down almost entirely at high tide if there is not much swell, but on the biggest of swells the high tide is more manageable.

This point is great for all levels of surfers. At high tide it is a great long ride perfect for beginners.

Punta Mango
15 min. West of Las Flores. Access: boat only. Powerful right cobblestone point break w/200 meter rides when on, machine-like. It is has a hollow take off with a serious barrel at size AND a hollow inside section. It works on a 3ft+ swell and all tides, but 4-7 ft SW is best. Closes out over 8 feet. Reef booties are recommended but not mandatory. The hollowest wave in the region, but also the most wind sensitive. Experienced surfers only even when small, due to currents and shallow inside rocks.

Beach Breaks
There is a nice beach break right out in front of the hotel. It breaks left and right depending on swell direction. Conditions are often great in the morning at this spot.

La Vaca
Right around the point of Las Flores, La Vaca works best at mid tide with a larger swell. It’s perfect for those that like to do airs, a little faster than Las Flores and a spot you can surf alone with your friends.

El Toro
Another great surf spot minutes away from our hotel, it also works best with larger swells and at mid tide.

La Ventana
A great beach break where we do most of our work with the kids. It is best at high tide and when the smaller swells come through. Fast and lots of fun.

Closer to Punta Mango, it is accessible only by boat.  It works well with a larger swell, but isn’t as long of a ride as Punta Mango.

Surf Lessons

We provide quality surf instruction with great instructors. Board rental is included with your lesson, so you can receive instruction, relax and then go out and practice on your own later in the day.

Lessons are planned for the best conditions possible, which depend on the surf, the wind and the tide. Conditions change daily.

We will work to push you into the best surfer you can be. If you already have some experience but want to take it to the next level, allow us to be by your side. We’ll give you confidence you need to learn to read the surf, the wave and paddle when you need to, or learn to carve, turn or get barreled…

Surf Board Rentals

We provide surfboard rental for our guests convenience. Beginner boards are over 6’2 with more foam, more float, and gentler handling. Immediate/Advanced boards include anything below 6’2″, which offer maneuverability and control on a thin, lightweight surface.

Surf Package

7 Day/ 6 Night Surf Package All Inclusive

  • Airport Transfer to and from the airport.
  • Coconut or smoothie upon arrival!
  • Surf guide services
  • Two surf trips daily to the best waves in the area (if it’s not right out in front)
  • Daily boat trips… (not including arrival and departure days)
  • All meals ( dawn patrol breakfast, big breakfast, cooler with sandwiches, water and soda for boat rides and trips to the surf, lunch, dinner plus one soda, coffee juice or beer with each meal)
  • One bottle of water with unlimited refills per day
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Wi Fi
  • Flat screen TV (cable channels)
  • Board rental and instruction if learning how to surf or to improve your skills OR dawn patrol boat trips with cooler and best captain/king local surfer in town.
  • One tour to Chirrilagua
  • One 45 minute massage per person
  • Not worrying about a thing!
    * Tour Notes
    * Packages do not include airfare, although we can help you make arrangements or find group discounts with airlines.
    * Tourist card is $10 upon arrival.
    * Tip is not included in pricing.
    * Group pricing is based on all travelers arriving together, extra airport transfers are $100.
    *If requiring transfer from San Salvador or La Libertad, an extra $50 will be charged.