Voluntourism in El Salvador

One of the most fulfilling ways to participate is through our voluntourism opportunities. Your holiday dollars will finance and create a change in the community. Choose a project that we are working on, or let us know how many people are traveling and we will help you organize a group project!

Our voluntourism packages include all transportation, accommodation and food and fun things you can do, like take surfing lessons and excursions to exotic places. Along with that, we will devote several hours of your stay with us to work on any project we have at the moment.

Please review our wish list, and see how many adventurers we need to make a goal a reality. If you get a group of 7 together, you’ll be our hero … and you can stay for free.

Our current project began January 2015 … We are working with 100 Smile Project to build several classrooms in Chilanguera, a rural community with kids that deserve a good education. The mayors office has promised to provide the salaries of new teachers.

We are also hoping to create a large space for kids to play in the local Aldea Infantil (home for abused children).


The Soul Project – El Cuco

Did you know that it is proven that those who help others live happier, more full filled lives and even make more money?
When you give to others, the gift is to yourself. It enables you to see that you have more than you need and are living a life of abundance.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for enabling the people in the local community to improve their futures.

Surf Sun Soul is the non-profit organization that Azul Surf Club started to fund the work we do in the community.  Monthly contributions are made by the hotel and those who support us to keep working toward achieving our mission.

The Soul Project’s two areas of focus in the local community are:

  • Expanding educational opportunities for children
  • Providing opportunities for economic stability within the community

Project Video


All non profits need support! Your generous donation is tax deductible, and every little bit goes a long way into making our projects a reality.

Small Donations Make a BIG Difference:

  • A dozen turtle eggs  $4
  • A Bag of Cement    $9
  • 100 Cinder blocks  $60
  • Quintal of Rebar  $60
  • Roof  $30
  • Truckload of compacting material  $130
  • Kids Glasses  $70
  • Kids Medicine  $20
  • Child’s Doctor Visit  $10
  • Child’s Dental Visit  $30
  • Rapala 13 (Fishing Lure)  $25
  • Lunch for school $80
Donations can be sent to:

Azul Soul Project
PO BOX 57308
LA, CA 90057