Safety & Security

Safe? You bet! Located in the small fishing village of El Cuco, the town has always been a local tourist destination. We are just 2 hours away from the airport, but a world away from the city…
Playa El Cuco - Frequently Ask Question


No vaccines or shots are required to travel to El Salvador. Our local Dr Patricia is fully equipped to handle any vacation-related injury or illness. If an issue requires additional attention, we can assist with transportation to the regional hospital in San Miguel.


Spanish is spoken through out the country.


If you are staying in El Toro, you should rent a vehicle or opt in for a surf guide. Our all inclusive surf packages include transportation from the airport. We offer shuttles and can pick you up at the airport. You can pick up your rented vehicle from the ranch. To request an airport pickup and reserve a rental car from our onsite agent, please contact

The roads in El Salvador are very new and very nice. Azul Surf Club is about 2.5 hours from Comalapa Airport, just outside of San Salvador. Unless you are confortable driving in abroad, we do not recommend driving through San Salvador or San Miguel… The major cities have intense traffic and can be difficult to maneuver through.  As with all Latin American countries, there are very few street signs, roads are not well lit, and GPS is not always reliable or available. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can navigate while you relax.

If you do choose to rent your own car and drive, directions can be found here.

Due to the high nighttime accident rate caused by farm animals on the road and to ensure the safety of our guests and staff, Rancho Santana cannot provide ground transportation before sunrise or after sunset.  We strongly recommend our guests avoid driving at night as well.  If you are arriving in the evening we would be happy to assist you with making hotel arrangements in Comalapa or Santa Tecla, San Salvador.

Helicopter transfers are available. The ride is about 30 minutes. Please inquire with the reservations team for additional pricing and information.

For additional information, see our transportation page.

Local Currency and Cash

The local currency is US Dollar (USD). The nearest ATMs are located in San Miguel about an hour away. Local shops only take small bills, so it is recommended you arrive with small change.

Azul Surf Club also uses a “wallet-less” system. Upon arrival you will open an account at the ranch where all goods and services will be charged. 10% gratuity and 15% IVA (Nicaraguan Sales Tax) is included on everything at the ranch except for housekeeping and spa services. For all other services, tipping is similar to the United States.

Staying Connected

El Salvador uses the same electrical current and outlets as the United States (110 Volt, 60mz). AT&T is the only US company that works in El Sal… Please make sure you keep your cell on airplane mode to prevent a sad surprise in data bills when you return home. Free wifi is available at all properties (except for El Toro de Oro). The electrical grid does experience unplanned outages from time to time.

Food and Shopping

There are a wide variety of dining options located on our property and through out town.  If interested in venturing outside the ranch, we can also recommend local eateries in the area as well as provide transportation services.


There are a number of available day trips and excursions for those wanting to explore more of El Salvador. Half day trips are also available. Local areas of interest include:

  • Alegria
  • San Miguel
  • La Union
  • Jiquilisco

For a full list of recommendations, prices, or to arrange transportation, please speak with a reservations specialist or Concierge.

Boating and Fishing

Just a few miles down the road is El Cuco– a small fishing and beach town. Enjoy the beautiful water and coastline while expert guides assist in setting rods and bait. Back at Azul Surf Club, our staff can prepare a lunch or dinner local style or tacos with your fresh caught fish. For an even finer dining experience our Chefs can create a unique menu of 3-5 courses exclusively for your party.


The ranch is extremely family-friendly. We do offer in-home babysitting services to our guests. Spanish speaking babysitters are available for half or full days. For more information, pricing, and to reserve please contact

Events/Group Packages

Azul Surf Club is the ideal location for a group retreat, special event, or destination wedding. Our staff is happy to assist groups of all sizes for any occasion.

Pet Policy

No pets are allowed on property at any time. Exceptions are made for service animals with proper documentation.